Architectural Plan

We draw up and analyze the architectural plans of the existing security processes of institutions and organizations and draw a roadmap for achieving the targeted security maturity. In this way, we clarify the big picture, which is often complicated, and reveal the steps to be taken in order.


By providing all the integration needs needed under the umbrella of security, we ensure that institutions and organizations reach effective, robust and integrated structure with their security products.

Add New Capabilities
Extend Scope

We increase functionality in the security infrastructure by adding new competencies to the existing integrations of the institutions and organizations and expanding the scope needed.


We ensure that the security infrastructure is up-to-date and efficient by managing the required version upgrade processes of the existing integrations of the institutions and organizations.

Operational Services

By providing operational support services to security operations carried out by institutions and organizations, we provide solutions to problems that may occur as quickly as possible.


We share sectoral and technical knowledge of our qualified employees with the trainings we provide.